The Power of 10 Project


The Power of Ten Humanitarian Project is a simple formula. We came up with this in 2009 and launched it on October 10, 2010 (10-10-2010).

The concept is this. There is a worldwide need for every man, and child on this planet, in every race, creed, color and country to learn:

 That they have human rights at all.
 What these human rights are.
 How to put these rights into good use.
That on a planet of over 7 Billion people, we also need to make others aware of these rights as well.

This Project starts with you, ONE PERSON. You have 4 steps to help make this program a reality.

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Become an FHFI Power of Ten Team Member to take a part in the Human Rights education movement. This is a simple US$10 per year for the STANDARD ANNUAL membership, less than US$1 per month). The POWER MEMBER membership is just US$10 per month and helps support the expansion of FHFI’s global activities. One of the groups we help through our grants from the Power of Ten program is Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) and YHR India. See our Friends of FHFI page for more information on these programs and our other affiliates and what milestones they have accomplished in the field of human rights education.

But wait, there’s more. This is not about a US$10 membership. This is about learning the 30 Human Rights as contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), a United Nations document compiled and written in 1948 under Eleanor Roosevelt’s guidance, and about learning how these are beneficial to your success in life and to others.


Once you are an FHFI Power Team Member, learn your 30 Human Rights for yourself by downloading the short, award winning Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from theYouth for Human Rights International (YHRI) webiste, and do our short application drill (released Fall 2012) for each PSA (Public Service Announcement). On completing this, you will receive a downloaded personalized, color, printable certificate recognizing you as a Basic Human Rights Power Team Member.


You get 10 friends or contacts to join the Power Team. As soon as you have 10 new members in your group, you will receive another downloadable, personalized certificate recognizing you as a TEAM LEADER.


This is the final step for you. You now get all your 10 team members to complete STEP 2. If you need to add to your group to get the ten certified Basic Human Rights Power Team Members, then do so. Because at this point you have achieved a new level of recognition: POWER TEAM LEADER. And rightly so. You have started using the POWER OF TEN. Just 9 more levels to go.

You will receive a special certificate AND a medal with a blue ribbon to display or wear proudly around your neck at group meetings. Now encourage each of them to get their group of TEN and you will have helped at least ten and potentially thousands of people to better their lives and the lives of those around them through a better understanding of the 30 Human Rights, their application and relevance to life. The kicker on this is 10 to the 10th power (ten times ten times ten – ten times) gives us 10 Billion members. And there are only 7 Billion people on the planet. This means you are just 10 levels, TEN contacts away from you getting your first team of ten Power Team Members, to getting this into the hands of every man, woman and child IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

Think this will take a long time? Then think again. The numbers escalate rapidly and with contacts around the world this will spiral into the millions in a very short time.

But your help is needed. For US$10 you can change the world. There will be regional and country level awards for the most active and expanding teams. But first you have to get started. Join the POWER TEAM NOW! There will be new releases and updates happening regularly. Sign up for the monthly e-newsletter or as a member. (All members will receive the newsletter).